Roundup of My Favorite Sonoma County Articles of 2018

Roundup of My Favorite Sonoma County Articles of 2018

This past year, I have spent over 300 hours writing (yes, I track ALL of my time working - even on projects for marketing myself, like this blog. Thank you HARVEST). 300+ hours spent in front of my computer, or on my phone - dictating or typing words. And, this estimate is JUST the writing I have done for actual articles and copywriting projects I have done. This doesn’t include the almost endless amount of emails, texts, and social media messages I write on an hourly basis for both work, and pleasure.

My Dream Of Becoming a Writer Has Come True

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up. Honestly - I am not even sure where that idea came from. I think I may have seen it on a TV Show and it looked glamorous. In addition to talking in front of a jury all the time, I wanted to write a book. I wrote a lot of my own children’s books when I was younger. Taking inspiration from my own life, I authored and illustrated, everything from “My Dog Zack” to “Riding My Bike.”  Little did I know, books with one sentence pages are GREAT toddler books!

30+ years later, I may only have half a book written - sitting in my Google Docs, safely hidden away from the world for over 4 years (someday I will get back to finishing it). BUT. I write for several Sonoma County publications on an ongoing basis - and a few national wine publications, but that is more sporadically.

Since it is the end of the year, and I am feeling sentimental, I want to share a round up of some of my favorite articles from the past year.

  1. Rosé All Day: How to Add a Splash of Pink to Your Sonoma Life via Sonoma Magazine.

  2. 10 Ways to Spice Up Your Relationship in Sonoma County via Sonoma Magazine (my personal favorite is getting matching tattoos… But that's just because my husband and I have 2 - one a matching ampersand, and also I have a small spoon and he has a fork that we got for our 5 year wedding anniversary).
    How to Survive: 4 Tips for Traveling with a Toddler via Wine Country Moms (inspired by our “vacation” to Long Beach with a 2 year old).

  3. How to Reset when You Feel Overwhelmed (Advice from Moms) via Wine Country Moms

  4. Top 11 Wineries in California on Instagram via my own blog (this round up of some of my fave wineries to follow on social media did really well. I definitely want to write more like this in 2019).

  5. I Wasn’t Bullied As A Child, But I Got Made Fun Of A Lot via my own blog (The MOST personal article I have written this year).

  6. Instagram Engagement Hack via my own blog.

  7. How I Spent my Vacation: Goal Planning for 2018 via my own blog (this vacation helped me plan out almost my entire year, and I am well on my way to blowing out all my goals!)

  8. 5-step social media action plan for business during a crisis via North bay Business Journal (I have 3 articles in the print version, but only one online as of now).

Looking Forward To More Writing In The Next Year

Looking into 2019, I have a lot planned for my online marketing classes and articles I want to write. I mean, I have lots to say! Here’s to creating even more content next year than I did this year (goal 350+ hours)!

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Instagram Top Nine for 2018 (Except Mine Is Top 12)

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