Wines Law for Wineries Who Tweet

Earlier this year I had the pleasure (yes, pleasure) of researching wine laws and social media for Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine (my third article for them). What I discovered was that many of the articles on the subject of wine law and social media didn't really answer the questions that a social media marketer really wanted to know... AKA Can I tweet a restaurant? Can I like a photo from a customer at a wine shop? etc etc.  

So I asked questions that I, as a marketer really wanted answered. What came out was a ton of information that shed some light on what is allowed and what currently isn't when it comes to social media for wineries. 

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At a glance: 

+ Federal tied-house laws were created after the repeal of Prohibition to keep big alcohol producers from dominating retailers.

+ Producers are prohibited from giving anything of value to a retailer, including free advertising. Social media is considered free advertising.

+ Wineries cannot promote any single alcohol retailer over another, including restaurants, wine shops, grocery stores, hotels, airlines and golf clubs.

+ Conduct an audit of your winery’s marketing, social media and event efforts, and plan content to ensure that it meets regulations.

Social Media Wine Laws