Two Newborn Phrases I would like People to Stop Saying to Me

Two phrases I would like people to stop saying to me:

1. It will get easier.
2. Sleep when the baby sleeps.

1: Ryeson isn't necessarily a super fussy baby, but he's a baby who cries, and whines, many times for apparently no reason at all. And just when we have a way to get him to calm down on a somewhat consistent basis, he changes his mind. Getting up every 2 to 3 hours at night, and revolving a schedule around when he eats are both definitely difficult. I've heard the phrase "It will get easier" from many people while pregnant and over the last six weeks. Though, no one really has an answer to when it will get easier, just that it will someday.

The most honest advice was from my friend Veronica who said "it doesn't really get easier, you just get used to sleeping less." I found this phrase to be very true, considering I am not a complete zombie at 5 PM like I was in the first few weeks.

So, it is getting better, because I'm getting more used to the routine, and - to be quite honest – Ryeson is becoming more fun. he is starting to smile, be watchful, and make purposeful noises. He is more alert and it makes things more fun.

2: During the first few weeks that I was home, I was so afraid of everything. I had an extra tiny baby, that wanted to be held constantly. And I wasn't sure how to properly Holden without feeling like I was going to drop him in any minute.

He always wanted to be held, so when I would put him down (after he fell sleep in my arms) it was a crapshoot – sometimes he would sleep four hours, sometimes half hour, sometimes he would wake right up when I put him down and start crying. The problem is that each time I would put him down I wouldn't know which sleeping Ryeson I would get.... So attempting to take a nap while he sleeps was proving extremely difficult.

Going along with "it gets easier" I have learned to sometimes take cat naps while he is in my arms in bed, or laying right next me. I also learned that swaddling him and putting him in his rocker, sometimes tends to prolong his naps sometimes during the day.

* I had to add the word sometimes to both of these statements because it still is sporadic if I can fall asleep, or if he can stay sleep.

That being said – my husband and I are lucky (fingers crossed I'm not jinxing myself) that we have a very sleepy baby at night time. We actually have to set our alarm to feed him through the night, to get his weight up. And I'm up for an average of a half hour each time he wakes up.  Those two hour chunks of sleep are the best feelings in the world.

Ok, other than seeing Ryeson smile, or make a funny face right after I do.

  At least one of us is sleeping.


At least one of us is sleeping.