Pickled Onions {Recipe}, Tacos, and Mexican Food

Every since I have been back from Playa del Carmen, Mexico I have only wanted to eat tacos (okay, that may not be any different than before my honeymoon in Mexico.. But... ). Maybe it is because the resort we stayed at, Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla, while amazing at customer service, gorgeous, and had great drinks, lacked on actual Mexican food. 

Our favorite food during our trip to was a small restaurant, which looked like it was in the middle of the rainforest - La Cueva del Chango - just off 5th Avenue. The website states that their culinary concept is simply "natural Mexican food."  And, yes.. It was everything my friend Adam boosted about, and more. I was able to get a vegetarian Cheese Enchilada with classic mole' sauce. It has inspired me to attempt to make mole here in my own kitchen (check back for a blog on this). 

Another favorite meal was the Mexican buffet at Xcaret. I think I helped myself to 6 tacos with different vegetarian toppings. ALL DELICIOUS.  My favorite topping was the pickled onions, which also inspired me to attempt to make at home. Also... Xcaret Park is definitely a must-visit when you travel to Playa del Carmen. It's a zoo, it's an archaeological site with Mayan Ruins, it shows off Mayan culture, it's a water park... It's fun.

Pickled Onions on a Taco
Mexican Mole

Back to my first thought... TACOS. I have been back home for less than a week and already Jeff and I have made tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner several times. Don't judge me... By changing up some ingredients to include tofu, or hashbrowns this meal can be completely different each time.  And, using fresh, simple veggies - tacos are healthy also! 

This morning: Corn tortillas, hashbrowns, a pinch of shredded cheese, roasted tomato salsa, shredded lettuce and my very own homemade pickled onions, made with apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of sugar, some salt, some pepper (inspired by a recipe by the kitchn).

Homemade Pickled Onions Recipe