Thanksgiving Wines & Beers...

Almost as important as the company are the libations at the Thanksgiving table... Food comes in third in my experiences. The food is always great, but it is the laughs at the table and the wine/beer that goes along with the food that I tend to remember more.

Wente Vineyards sent me a bottle of their Cabernet Sauvignon and I opened it with my mother and sister a few weeks ago - and it was GREAT! The black cherry flavor goes great with rich foods (like turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc). 

Thanksgiving Wine

My tastiest client - Iron Horse Vineyards - has at least 10 different types of sparkling wine that will go great with every course (or, if you are like me... one giant plate of mixed up Thanksgiving dishes), but their Estate Pinot is a GREAT Thanksgiving wine that has a berry, almost cola-like taste to it - which pairs well with mushroom gravy.

Thanksgiving Wines

White wine can also go great with fall foods. One of my favorites I have ever put into my mouth is a 2012 Hagan Vineyard Chardonnay from Red Car Winery, on Hwy 116 right by Graton, CA.  My reaction when I tried a glass was that THIS was perhaps the best damn Chard I have ever put into my mouth. You don't even need food to make this a tasty wine.

Thanksgiving Wines

Pumpkin Beers may sound a bit too cliche, but done right - they are PERFECT for any good meal.. Especially Thanksgiving. If you can get your hands on some, try the Southern Tier Warlock (Imperial stout brewed with pumpkins), or PumpKing (ale with pumpkins).  Both are some of the best examples of what "pumpkin spice" should be... Just good fall flavors mixed together with grains. Good on their own, or with fall foods. 

Thanksgiving Beer

I don't want you all to think I do not care about the food at Thanksgiving. OF COURSE I DO! I crave mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce all year round... Here are some of my fav recipes for Thanksgiving and fall: