My Pre-Thanksgiving Sephora Haul.

While mindlessly searching through hashtags on Instagram (for work-related purposes) I came across the hashtag #SephoraHaul.  The hashtag is dedicated to pictures of beauty products that women (and men) purchase from beauty store Sephora. It has been a trend for a while, for people to take pictures, or video of them unpacking their latest goodies from their favorite retailers.  Thinking about the reasoning behind this.. I get it. 

  • It is bragging. Sephora products ain't cheap, and buying beauty products from here is a dedicated balance of trying to make sure you get out without spending over $100 (the "haul" below was under $50). 
  • You show off your knowledge on beauty products. This is especially important if you are a beauty blogger. For me --- the Perfect Formula nail strengthener Pink Gel Coat has been the ONLY thing that makes me not bite my nails (if I use the product correct) - so I want to share that info with people. Dry Shampoo, in general, has changed my life. Seriously, it was difficult to train my hair to not be super oily after a day or two of not washing it. Dry Shampoo has made it okay for me to leave my house after two days. 
  • It's fun. Come on, it's the beauty industry.. It is pretty, and girly, and a good hair day can make you feel invincible.

My Sephora Haul (products needed for my trip to LA for Thanksgiving):

1. Perfect Formula Nail Essentials Duo - find online, or in the Stocking Stuffers section by the registers. Disclaimer: Perfect Formula is a client of mine, but it is quality nail care products, and I used my own money. 

2. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo (Travel Size for me to test it out) - find online or in the Drybar section. My Sephora had a hair care expert teach me the right way to use the spray (I usually am a powder fan) and I LOVE this product. 

3. Bareminerals Mineral Veil Finishing Powder -- I cannot find it for sale alone online, by you can find by the Stocking Stuffers section. 

4. Sephora's Own Brand Formula X Nail Polish - this was an added bonus because I had enough rewards points. 

Sephora Haul