Linktree and Other Apps to Link to Your Instagram Bio

Linktree and Other Apps to Link to Your Instagram Bio

I've written about Linktree before and voiced my opinion about not using the Instagram bio app (my point of view is that you should capture the web traffic on your own website – not someone else’s). In case you haven’t heard of it, Linktree is a popular third-party app that allows you to add a link to your bio containing additional links to other websites, or perhaps to sections on your own website. Many bloggers and marketers use it to skirt around the “one link” rule on Instagram. The app creates a landing page on which you can add links to promotions, events, contact pages, sales pages, or your own blog.

Landing pages are an important part of any digital marketing strategy. In fact, the team at found that clickable Instagram landing pages generate 10-15% more referral traffic from Instagram than regular website links. So, not only are they practical for marketers - the end users seem to like them also!

I created my own landing page on my website with Squarespace, which links to online articles from different magazines for which I write. By utilizing this, I don’t have to constantly change my Instagram bio link every time I want to promote a new article.

I just add a call to action (CTA) in my Instagram caption – something like “Click the link in bio and scroll to SONOMA MAGAZINE for my latest article on Rosé in Russian River Valley.”

My friend Kerry Rego recently worked with her web designer to create a super simple landing page to link to her books, social media services, classes, and blog, complete with her image and her signature blue background.

Kerry Rego.jpg

Also, my friend who runs the social media at the Sonoma County restaurants, Handline, Lowell’s, and The Fern Bar - all in Sebastopol just worked with her web designer to create landing pages for each of the restaurants. The image tiles is perfect for the restaurants because they have so much going on with events, recipes on the blog, and new promotions - all which are very visual so it makes sense.

Food Instagram Marketing.jpg

Both are great examples of taking the premise of Linktree and making it YOUR own!

The Types of Links You Would Want to Share on Your Landing Page:

  1. Newest release or promotion

  2. Main product or service page

  3. Events you are a part of

  4. Lead magnet to capture emails

  5. Your blog feed

  6. Contact info (SO important for customer-based businesses!)


Through talking with other marketers and small business owners, I have realized that they don’t necessarily have easy access to creating a landing page on their websites. Sometimes their web designer charges too much or uses a platform that makes it hard to create new pages. Some simply like the ease of using a third-party app for their Instagram bio. Still others like the visual aspect of the third-party apps below.

When there’s a reason why someone doesn’t have a landing page on their own bio, then a third-party Instagram bio app like Linktree simply makes sense.


Shop Grid from Buffer (my go-to social media scheduler) JUST released their new Link In Bio / Shop app on the same day I published this article. You can add a product page link to your scheduled posts, and your shoppable page will automatically update with the latest content. It is a great option, though, it is only available for the Business Plan which is $99.00 a month. With that price, you also get unlimited scheduling, and great analytics. So, if you have more than one social media account - or sell a LOT through your Instagram channel, this could be an option for you.

Find out more about Shop Grid from Buffer here.

Lnk.Bio is similar to Linktree. With the free version of Lnk.Bio, you get unlimited links, but not a branded URL like you get with Linktree. The links are image titles – not text – which is nice. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, uses this app for his own Instagram bio, linking to different pages on the Canadian Government website.

My two cents is that the landing pages for Lnk.Bio are too sparse. There is nothing exciting about them, and there are better third-party Instagram bio apps out there. The pricing is, however, one of the best, ranging from free to $24.99 for a lifetime of use.  

Find out more about Lnk.Bio here.

Link In Bio for Instagram Marketing.jpg by Later provides a way for you to add links or tag products in Instagram posts, which can turn your feed into a clickable, optimized landing page.
 @SonomaCounty, the Sonoma County Tourism page, uses this app for their Instagram marketing. I love it because it is super visual, and according to Dawn, Sonoma County Tourism’s social media manager, it is easy to use! She said that when they add a Call to Action in the Instagram image on the feed, they usually get a good amount of clicks over to their website.

The plan does start at $19.99 a month, but you also get LATER, an Instagram scheduling app that makes it easy to schedule your Instagram content (of which I am a BIG advocate!). You also get great Instagram analytics, which can help you figure out what time of day is the best for you to post (because there's no ONE great time for everyone – each brand is different).

Find out more Link in Bio by Later here.

Instagram Marketing - Link in Bio.png

Campsite bio is one that just came across my feed. They have a free version with the basics, and a pro version for $7.00 a month with all the bells and whistles (custom background, analytics, Mailchimp integration, etc). Their own landing page is super cute. I love the large font and playful background.

Find out more about Campsite Bio here.

Instagram Marketing - Link in Bio.jpg

Link in Profile is $9.99 a month, but I don’t personally know anyone who uses it. If you want, check it out (though their testimonials are older and the two people they link to don’t even use their product anymore). The app automatically pulls content from your Instagram feed, so, once set up, it makes it a set-it-and-forget-it app, which some people like.

Find out more about Link in Profile here.

Instagram Marketing - Link in Bio - Linktree.jpg

And, also…Link Tree. Again. The landing pages are clean and straightforward. There are no bells and whistles, but many people are not looking for that. There is a free version and a pro version for Link Tree. The latter is $6 a month and includes a daily breakdown of your click through traffic, custom buttons and styles, a custom title, the ability to schedule links, and a way to add your Facebook pixel and retarget Linktree visitors (this last one is one of the reasons why I originally said NO to using a third-party app – you want to capture the traffic on your own website to retarget and connect with your audience).

Find out more about Linktree here.

Instagram Marketing - Link in Bio - Link tree.png


Remember to include a call to action in every Instagram post asking your community to do something. This can mean asking people to click the link in your bio to purchase, sign up, or learn more! A CTA can even ask people to comment, tag a friend, or answer a question. This last one is one of my favorite Instagram hacks for better engagement on your feed. Questions WORK! And so does asking your audience to click the link in the bio to learn more!

Finally, make sure to add a CTA in your Instagram bio as well. Use some of the space in your bio to ask your audience to do something when they click on the link (for example, my Instagram bio asks people to check out my latest articles, and when I have an Instagram Marketing class, I encourage people to learn more). Capitalizing on your Social Media Marketing tools at hand – be it CTAs or third-party bio apps – is a surefire way to maximize your Instagram page’s success.

Linktree and Other Apps to Link to Your Instagram Bio
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