Whole Foods Beauty Sale (find my face in Sonoma + Napa)

I have had the pleasure of partnering up with the Whole Foods Market North Bay area marketing team - Napa Valley, Sonoma County and Marin County - for a few promotions starting in July 2017. The first was taking over their Instagram account for the Petaluma Rivertown Revival on @wholefoodssonomacounty. The second was a supplement sale, and now I am beyond excited to be one of the local "faces" for their new campaign - the #WFMBeautyWeek sale from Wednesday, March 21st - Tuesday, March 27th.

Whole Foods Market Sonoma County

For my beauty picks, I focused on life as a new mom - hair falling out, not having enough time for yourself to do simple things like take showers or wash your face... And tricks to out on makeup without having to spend a lot of time in the bathroom. If you are around a Whole Foods in Sonoma, Napa or Marin County (North Bay San Francisco) make sure to check out their expanded beauty section and share a picture of my face on social media!!!! <3 <3

Some of my personal recommendations to buy during the Whole Foods Market Beauty Sale this week:

EO Face Wipes "When I was a new mom, washing my face was the last thing I thought about. Face Wipes make it easy to take my makeup off at the end of the day. Make sure to wash off the residue on your face, or else you may break out.”

Well People - Bio Tint Moisturizer (light for me) "I like my makeup to do double duty. Bonus points if it does 3 things. Moisture, SPF and it adds color to your skin. Thank you!"

Bass Wild Boar Wooden Brush   "Wild boar brushes are kind to new mom hair. They even help prevents hair from falling out, which can be a common issue with new moms."

Acure Dry Shampoo "Dry shampoo is a new mom's best friend. Sprinkle some to your roots before bed and your next day top knot will stay put much tighter."

Everyday Coconut Sea Salt Texture Spray  "Embrace the messiness of motherhood and use this sea salt spray to make some beachy waves. Even if it's freezing at the beach here in Northern California."

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