The One Gift for Everyone On Your List

This year I am getting EVERYONE a felt letterboard from Amazon. This includes myself... Because. Hey, TREATYOSELF! 

I know these boards are super trendy because of Instagram, but they are a great gift for anyone because each person can customize their's and enjoy year round!

Plus, they use a Star Wars reference in their Amazon image, so obviously I had to go with this one vs one of the more expensive ones on the internet. 

Watch out for MANY Intagram pics with this board in the future!

Shop this wooden felt letterboard on Amazon now and get it before Christmas! Bonus points if you add a funny saying before you wrap it (I mailed directly from Amazon so I won't be able to do that for 2 out of the 5 boards I am getting people).

A Marketers Dream: The Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco

 Pop-up shops are nothing new; we see them at the mall every Christmas season, calendar and phone kiosks in the middle of every aisle. Even the Santa meet-and-greet is a pop-up shop where kids can wait in long lines to pay a guy in a suit to take a picture on his lap (nothing against it, but that is totally what it is). However, these Instagram-style Pop-Up Museums are a somewhat new idea.

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