Are you looking for help with social media / content marketing for your brand?

I currently work with businesses, creating strategies unique for each brand, helping to craft stories that inspire,and developing content meant to be shared.

Please contact me to discuss:

Marketing Strategy & Development - Creation of a personalized social media marketing brand playbook for your business, including ideation, brand guidelines, content calendars, social media, word of mouth, events, online customer service, marketing promotions, short-term social media campaigns, target personas, messaging, etc.

Education & Customized Social Media Training - Business training, speaking engagements and seminars on topics ranging from finding the time to do social media, building your social media community, trends in digital marketing, how to enhance your engagement & connect with real people, smartphone photography that works for your business, and how to create a consistent look & feel with all your employees using social.

Social Relations & Influencer Marketing - Public relations and press releases have evolved. “Social” relations brings a personal touch to reaching out to writers, bloggers and influencers for a marketing campaign, event, sale or product launch.

Photography - Great imagery is needed for any marketing campaign. I can help with creating shareworthy images that will enchant your brand's look & feel through social media. I even dabble in some graphic design for Instagram stories. 

Past Clients:

Just a few names... Find more on Linkedin. 

Just a few names... Find more on Linkedin