Linktree and Other Apps to Link to Your Instagram Bio

I've written about Linktree before and voiced my opinion about not using the Instagram bio app (my point of view is that you should capture the web traffic on your own website – not someone else’s). In case you haven’t heard of it, Linktree is a popular third-party app that allows you to add a link to your bio containing additional links to other websites, or perhaps to sections on your own website. Many bloggers and marketers use it to skirt around the “one link” rule on Instagram. The app creates a landing page on which you can add links to promotions, events, contact pages, sales pages, or your own blog.

Some Articles on Influencer Marketing

There is so much information out there about what Influencer mMrketing is, how you can get ROI from Influencer Marketing and how to create a campaign around working with influencers… so instead of recreating the wheel, here is a round up of some articles I have read over the past few weeks!