Understanding Wine Influencers

Right now, in addition to the ROI question, people are looking at the term “influencer” as a group of girls posing for the camera, not knowing anything about the subject matter, and expecting things for free. Once again, I'm here to say that that is not the case for everyone, and certainly not the case for wine influencers worth their weight in cans of rosé.

On The Subject Of Wine Influencers

Within this blog post, I feel the need to defend influencer marketing within the wine world. Many of the conversations I see taking place within Facebook groups definitely reminds me of when I started wine blogging – arguments about how it was hard to tell who was a real, dedicated wine blogger, and who was merely in it for the free stuff…. Who actually had a community they were talking to, and who else was just talking to other wine bloggers because they were friends with each other.

Now, it’s also about trying to figure out if someone who is emailing your winery asking for a free tasting in return for an “Instagram feature” is legit, and whether you should pay attention to, or ignore that person.

Why I Bring My Child to Political Marches

This debate was brought up this past week as I shared images of my husband, 3-year-old son, my friends, and me at the 3rd Annual Women's March on January 19th, 2019 in downtown Santa Rosa. I shared the same images to both my Instagram account and Facebook page (and the latter received comments from friends, likes, hearts, and one angry face from a cousin with whom I’m not actually Facebook friends)... Instagram was a completely different experience.