All in Recipe for Social Media

Wine Marketers – You Need to Engage on Social Media Over the Weekend

The Wine Industry’s busiest time is during the weekends. This when the most customers come in and out of your tasting room/hotel/restaurant/retail shop. This also means that this is when the most people post pictures on Instagram, tag your brand in their main images on the feed, or share pictures and videos on their Instagram Stories. This is also when a lot of people ask questions about hours, location, etc. on Facebook or other social media platforms while trying to figure out their itinerary for the weekend. You want to make sure to engage with them.

What Community Management Should Look Like

At the end of the day, the relationship that people make with brands is what people are going to remember. If a potential customer asked a question about your product or service through social media, and you got back to them right away, they will remember that. The opposite is true as well, people now have an expectation that brands will get back to them on social media, and when they don’t, that leaves a bad taste in their mouth. I provided some tips and tricks of how to batch your community management time within a few minutes each day so it’s not overwhelming.