Writing from the Beach.

I know I am on my honeymoon to spend time with my new(ish) husband and to relax in the Caribbean. But as I sit here on the white sand beach, overlooking the gorgeous aqua ocean, reading #GirlBoss - I begin thinking about what my dreams are (other than doing exactly what I am doing at this moment). 

Becoming a better writer is a dream of mine. Of course, I want to be a published author of a book... But that isn't the end game. I'm already technically a published author, i.e., I have revived payment for my writing for a few articles in Vineyard & Winery Management Magazine. Just as I am a professional photographer because I have gotten paid for taking photos. 

I want to move forward with my dreams - a healthy life is number one, and will always be (this encompasses many aspects of "health" - healthy body, healthy mind, healthy work life, healthy relationships), but becoming a better writer and photographer are both dreams of mine as well. 

And both take practice. 

So. My vow, as I sit here on the beach typing this blog post into my iPhone - is to simply blog more, take classes on grammar, or editing, and even a photography class with Jeff (since he wants to get better at taking his beer photos). 

I am starting now. Maybe after my bellini.