What they REALLY Want for Valentine's Day

What they REALLY Want for Valentine's Day

This post isn’t about all the sappy stuff about how romantic Valentine's Day is... Because let’s be honest. It isn’t romantic. It is a day created by Hallmark to get us to buy chocolate, roses and cards and prove our love to each other… AND, It’s on a Wednesday this year. It may be hump day, but it is the least sexy day of the week in my opinion.

But, there is something to showing your significant other you care about them on a regular basis, and it is more than roses or a romantic dinner at a restaurant you go to because you think that’s what you should do.

Personally, I am all about action gifts. I like the idea of getting flowers, and chocolate but no one really NEEDS either of those. What I do need is a clean house, some extra time and maybe a bottle of rose wine and a massage. My friend Randi from Wine Country Moms Blog suggested the maid service as a gift she would love to get. Here are some other practical and romantic gifts for your other this Valentine's Day:

A Gift Certificate for a Local Tattoo Shop

Hear me out. You can get matching tattoos or your significant other’s name tattooed on a heart, if that is your thing (actually, my husband and I have matching ampersand tattoos on our arms) - but I personally like something meaningful to both of you.. Or just him/her. It is a personalized gift that they will remember for the rest of their lives. My husband and I love Jenn at Valkyrie Tattoo in Penngrove, CA.



Maid Service for a Month

And no, I do not mean a sexy French maid outfit. For anyone. One of the biggest complaints that my husband and I have no that we have a toddler is lack of time. We don’t get enough time to see friends and we all know how long it takes to clean the house sometimes. This is a gift that is really more about time than it is about a clean house. Which, obviously is nice also.

Something They Have Been Talking About

I have been talking about going to Calistoga to the thermal spas for YEARS. My husband has finally learned to write things down when I talk about wanting something - so he can remember later. And, I do the same. People provide hints to what type of gifts to get them all year, and instead of trying to remember, just add a note to your smartphone and jot things down as they come up.

Cooking Classes at your local Sur La Table

If you are a foodie like my husband and I, you will love a cooking class as a date night. Get a gift certificate for a class for two, or pick a night you know you both are free and purchase the class. Get some cute heart shaped measuring spoons to let them open with the gift certificate.

Wine, because DUH

A bottle of craft beer or wine always makes a great gift for almost anyone on your list. If you want to go romantic, try a rose wine from Malene Wines in San Luis Obispo or sparkling wine from Iron Horse Vineyards in Russian River Valley (I did an Instagram ad for Malene, and Iron Horse is a client. But I only recommend them because I believe in them, no ad here).


What NOT to Get Them

Lingerie: Unless you KNOW their size and that they would want lingerie, please do yourself and your significant other a favor and don’t bother.

A Book: I may or may not have received a basic book from my husband for Valentine's Day.. Right after I had a baby and had no time to read, let alone the mental willpower. I would rather have had a box of chocolates at the time. I am not complaining because he really did put thought into it. It just wasn't ME at that point in my life. 

ANYTHING from the Convenience store: Women KNOW if there was no thought behind a gift. And picking something up on the way home shows that you wanted to get them something without putting any effort into it. This includes a single rose, candy bar chocolate, a cheap necklace that isn’t them, cheap wine (unless it is their favorite bottle), or a gift card.  

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