Tacos are Life

I’m not sure how it is any other place in United States, but I’ve lived in a few different cities across California (Sonoma/Napa, San Jose, Sacramento, and San Diego) and tacos pretty much rule everywhere.

You can literally never go wrong with hosting a taco party for friends and family. By having a few different types of tortillas, sides, and proteins, you can make sure to be friendly to vegans, gluten-free, whole 30, meat-heads (oops, I meant meat-eaters), etc. because everyone can make their own version of tacos. This even works with kids. Which we all know are the pickiest eaters ever. Try doing all of that with burgers or hotdogs… Yes you can make vegetarian patties, or lettuce buns but there’s not as many options. And frankly, the options are not as delicious as the options for tacos.

When I went down to San Diego last month, my husband (we went down to create our marketing goals for our small businesses) and I pretty much ate tacos at least twice a day, for breakfast, for lunch, sometimes we even had them at a fancy restaurant for dinner. I love that San Diego is so vegetarian friendly that all of the Mexican restaurants we ate at had some form of vegetarian or vegan taco. I am absolutely in love with cactus tacos and the squash blossom tacos. How could I not?!?!

We came home from vacation and my husband decided to get a tortilla press from Sur La Table, so he could make his own tortillas. He’s been really into baking lately, and I’m definitely not against it. He created the perfect mix of thin and doughy tortillas for his first try, and I’m excited for his next batch. The plan is to have a taco party at least once per week with friends.

Here are some of my favorite items to help you with any Taco Party, Taco Tuesday, Summer BBQ, or Cinco de Mayo ( there are definitely ways of honoring the day while being  respectful.  ) celebration:

Taco Making Supplies

Taco Party Decor

Show your Love for Tacos through Fashion

I am obsessed with pickled onions. And they are so freaking easy to make. Three ingredients, and two steps. Check out my recipe for easy pickled onions, and keep them in your fridge at all times – because you never know when the next taco party will happen.