Sonoma County Has a New Music Writer - Yup, ME

A few months ago I started working with the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau again (I taught classes on Social Media for hospitality businesses back in 2009). This time I am taking on a new topic I haven't really explored before - MUSIC in Sonoma County.  

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE going to a show. Much of my younger 20's was spent seeing shows in the bay area (fave show back then was Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland was magical on stage) and my early 30's were spent at local shows at wineries, Healdsburg on the Square, West End Farmers Market, etc - enjoying a glass of wine or beer and friends. 

Then Rye came along and my time is pretty much taken up by baby stuff (thankfully Rye did get to see his first concert - WEIRD AL at the Green Center when he was 7 months old). Now, I have an excuse to catch a show and stay out past 8pm... Yup, it's my job. :) :) 

Each month I will be doing an overview of upcoming shows in Sonoma County, along with a few other pieces on local events, interviews with local musicians and, anything else the Sonoma County team needs from me. 

So, if you know of a good show coming to Sonoma - let me know!! Thanks.

Read about the Green Music Center's 2017 Summer Lineup here: