Pregnancy Cravings - Mid Second Trimester

Just a day shy of hitting 25 weeks and I am feeling the "weight" of the baby on me. He is moving around a lot during the day and I must say, it is distracting. All of the movement takes energy away from my work (thankfully - being very organized for work helps keep me on task). I don't need to nap like I used to, but after a few hours of being out (or "on") I have to rest.

All I want in life right now is a recliner for the living room. I have to sleep on my side and my hips are not loving it... I just want to lay back a little bit and enjoy the next few weeks we have left of Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. 

As for pregnancy cravings it has been fruit (summer fruits like peaches, strawberries, figs, rasberries and plums) and chocolate almond (or soy) milk, mixed with my Amazing Grass chocolate blend. 

I was never a big chocolate milk person before my second trimester. I just never thought about it... But now, I can go through a carton in a day or so. 

Jeff makes me a protein shake in the AM before I even get out of bed, and recently I have been adding a small pour of Califia Farms Mocha Cold Brew Coffee for a bit of caffeine (I gave up my daily dirty soy chai habit when I found out I was pregnant). A 1/4 serving of the cold brew coffee helps me in the AM. 

Every night before I go to bed I make a small protein shake with just a bit of chocolate soy milk, and protein powder. 

It is right in the middle of peach season - so Jeff and I always try to have peaches in the house. Or strawberries, or blueberries. I can pop strawberries & blueberries like candy.

I thought I would be craving a lot of ice cream, or cookies, etc - but it hasn't been any worse than my normal cravings...