Final Month of My Pregnancy

It is October 1st, and the countdown until my due date is officially here -- November 11th (11/11), only 40 days left. 

I have been focusing on balancing my meals -- making sure I have protein, fruit, vegetables, dairy for each meal - vs. only drinking my chocolate milk protein shake like I wanted to do during my first trimester. 


I also found my fitbit again and I can say without any doubt, this one piece of technology has changed my fitness levels. Without it - it was easy for me to say "yeah, I work out," but without proof, I realized that my 10 minute mobility/light yoga in the morning was not really "working out."   Now, I make sure to have over 30 minutes of active exercise per day. It is especially important for me to work out for 10 minutes after each meal --- Seriously, my energy levels are probably better than right before I got pregnant (aka December... aka when I lost my fitbit.... aka the month I baked a LOT of holiday cookies). 

I could write all about my excitement, fears, etc, etc, etc, but I will save you the existential thoughts running through my head, and just keep this post simple - I am feeling great for only having a month to go.