I'll Take My Coffee With all the Stuff

During college, I worked at Starbucks for over three years. It was the perfect early 20-something job. I hung out with friends (aka coworkers who were also my roommates), had a great time, and was able to make my own schedule. That was important to me because I was in school. At Starbucks, there are usually the openers, who get there at 4am, and the closer's that leave anytime between 8pm and 10pm. I was definitely a closer because I have never been a morning person.

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Fast forward 17 years later, I am a mom of a toddler who wakes up between 6am. and 7am. I sing a little happy song in my head when I realize he's awake past 6:30a (that means I've slept in). Between the time that I worked at Starbucks and the time I became a mom, I've gone through different variations of “coffee culture”. I worked at a marketing agency and had a company card to a local coffee shop called Flying Goat Coffee up in Healdsburg, there I would only drink almond milk lattes, with one pump of vanilla. When that job was gone, I moved to hot tea and working at a PR agency. Once I left that job and was just starting in my freelance career, I didn't drink any coffee, mostly because I couldn't afford it and I was waking up past 10 a.m. anyways, so water was exactly what I needed at that time.

Here I am as a writer and social media marketer, helping businesses learn how to use social media -- but my most important job is being a mom (that requires a lot of coffee). My current coffee of choice is a local Sonoma County brand called, Bella Rosa Coffee, which is sold at Oliver's Markets in Santa Rosa/Windsor and Cotati. I am all about the breakfast blend.

Moms LOVE their coffee (and wine)

I have also been fascinated with the mom culture around coffee and wine. It's funny that we rely so heavily on liquid gold to keep us sane, when everyone else around us relies heavily on us. It's just the way the world works, and I'm okay with it because I love my role as mom, and wife, and being the office manager of the house.

My husband and I bought a Wi-Fi Mr. Coffee because the idea of using smart technology makes us super geeky. We loved the idea of starting our coffee pot in the morning with our phones. What Mr. Coffee doesn’t advertise is that you have to actually set up the coffee the night before. But who remembers to do that…NOT me!

If you are looking for a Mother's Day gift, just remember COFFEE and/or WINE are usually a good idea. Bonus points for BOTH and maybe throw in a fun coffee quote that you have the kids paint themselves. 

Mr. Coffee WIFI: They do not sell this coffee maker anymore.. Maybe because the high price point and the fact that if you have the mentality the night before to put fresh beans and water in your coffee maker, then you can set your timer for it to start brewing before you wake up. Versus having to do it from an app from your phone.

This regular Mr. Coffee Maker looks exactly like the one I have… Just no app. Though, if you are really into having a smart home (which is why I got it in the first place), then grab a WEMO Smartplug so you can turn your coffeemaker (or anything you can plug in) off and on with your phone, or Alexa.

Coffee Mugs with funny sayings ARE A MUST: I have one that says "Just gimme all the coffee and no one will be hurt." I also love this one for moms (think Mother's Day) from Target, and this other one from Target again (mama clickbait). 

Wear your coffee on your sleeve: Or, you know.. around your neck. I love this necklace for any coffee lover from Esty with a coffee cup and a small heart. 

This post does contain some affiliate links. But as you know.. I only promote anything I already adore. :)