Tips for Social Media Marketing When You Are Not Inspired

These are just some of my tips for what you can do when you’re not feeling inspired to share on social media. Obviously some of them help with other areas of your business as well, like planning in general, being more aware of your energy, and having a backup plan. Sometimes things don’t always work how you want them to, but acknowledging that it’s just part of life makes it a little easier to deal with.

Facebook Pages Attempt to Be Transparent with Info & Ads Tab

Facebook rolled out the Info and Ads section on Facebook pages back in June, and it has been talked about over the past few months, but people are JUST NOW starting to really catch on. This new update allows anyone to see all the ads the Facebook page is currently running. The dark posts, ads that are meant for just one target audience, or different ads all with different promotions… Yup. ALL.