BIG GAME Party Supplies for people who hate Football

You may have guessed from the title of this blog post.. I am not a fan of football. In fact, that is putting it nicely. I know this post could offend people.. But, I am always honest, sometimes to a fault.


I could rant on and on about how dangerous it is for the players to play, the NFL's insane practices of taking a blind eye to abusive men, how football fans seem to care more about the game than other people or things in their lives.. etc etc etc 

But I won't do that. This post is about the fun side of football games... Because:

One thing I do like is a party.

Even better if it takes place at home.. With awesome commercials (hey, I am a marketing person).  Let's chat about what you need for the "BIG GAME" -- because for some reason, legally we are not allowed to market the football game to end all games as the SuperBowl because the NFL has the rights to that name...  And, they want you to pay a lot of money to use that trademark.

Many football fans who watch the game from home may decide that is the time for a new TV: Bigger, better, 4K... Well, for me, I want new party supplies.

It's become a tradition at my former roommate's house to have homemade chili at the house (here is one of my favorite recipes for vegetarian chili), and everything else revolves around that. Chips, dip, beers (duh), Jameson, and deviled eggs usually take over the dining room table. I usually bring tortillas to make my own version of tacos. I am also a fan of cheese plates and anything that can keep beers and wine cold. 

So, here are some of the items I am buying this year (they work for people who like football as well):